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We are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date, interactive and hands on CPD Perio courses for Dentists.

Our Perio courses are designed using the most advanced teaching techniques and resources which introduce you to a periodontal specialist level of knowledge and skill.

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Our CPD courses will teach you skills and knowledge which you can apply immediately in your clinical practice

Find out the most up-to-date tips and techniques that you can use for your patients

Your patients will be well looked after by our talented Specialist Periodontists.

See our unique and tailor made Perio Courses for Dentists. They include a variety of theoretical elements and Hands-on surgical practice under the guidance of our expert Periodontal teachers.

Surgical Crown Lengthening is an extremely useful tool in the dental practitioners repertoire. It can transform unrestorable teeth to restorable and enable you to deliver...
Crown Lengthening Course
Beginnt am 30. Nov 2019

Why Study Perio?

Protect yourself Against Litigation

Neglected periodontal disease is one of the leading cause of litigation against dentists in the UK today. Lack of periodontal knowledge and skills among dental practitioners can lead to undiagnosed periodontal disease which continues to cause bone destruction around teeth. Once it reaches its advanced stages then it leads to devastating outcomes for the patient and the dentist.

At Perio Matters we tailor our courses for you so that you can protect yourself against the growing litigation culture. We provide you with the knowledge and skills that you need to perform dentistry in a safe, ethical and effective way. We will provide step by step practical training so that you can immediately incorporate what you learn in your clinical pratice.

CPD for Dentists

Things are changing at a rapid rate in dentistry with the large amounts of research taking place worldwide. It often becomes difficult to keep up to date with best practices. Our periodontal experts are dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date clinical and academic knowledge. This offers you a and easy way to access the most up-to-date and relevant literature without having to sift through thousands of articles yourself to find the relevant ones. Our evidence based teaching methods will mean that you will feel assured that you have the relevant knowledge to practice the highest standard of dentistry required from us.

Perio is the Foundation for Basic and Advanced Dentistry

Stabilising periodontal disease is the keystone to providing further dental care. Without a stable periodontium any treatment you undertake is likely to fail. Periodontally affected teeth can be lost if the disease progresses and as a result it can compromise your restorative/prosthodontic treatment plan. 

Having the ability to stabilise the periodontal disease is absolutely crucial prior to providing implant dentistry. The presence of periodontal disease drastically increases the risk of failure of dental implants. Periodontally susceptible patients can very easily develop peri-implantitis which is notriously difficult to treat. Our courses will give you an insight into how such patient can be managed to enable you to provide successful implant treatment.

The Art of Soft Tissue Manipulation

Having the ability to manipulate soft tissue around teeth and implants can transform your cosmetic dentistry results from average to outstanding. 

Periodontal surgery can act as a valuable tool for you to deliver prosthodontic and cosmetic outcomes. Procedures like crown lengthening surgery and mucogingival grafting surgery can enable teeth restorations where it may not have been otherwise possible. It can help transform unrestorable teeth to restorable. For the more cosmetically driven patients providing a fine tuned gingival margin can often be the final touch which delights your patient.

See our image gallery for examples of how periodontal surgery has enhanced the final result for our patients.



BDS, MFDS, MRes, MPerio


BDS, MFDS, MClinD, MPerio


Our expert team is made up of Specialist Periodontists with extensive clinical, academic and teaching experience. They have a love for Perio and want to share it with the world.

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Very helpful, with more patients having short term orthdontist it is likely we will see more recession defects.
I now have the knowledge to advise patient's on management options post Orthodontic treatment and with
practice, suitable surgical skills to provide routine care for recession defects

... Soft tissue grafting course

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