Our Courses

Who Should Attend Our Courses?

Perio Matters courses are designed for any dentists who wants to learn more about perio. No prior knowledge or experience in this field is required. The clinical knowledge and skills acquired on our courses are directly applicable to your clinical practice.

How are the Courses Taught?

Our perio courses are made up of theoretical components which focus on the knowledge, guidance and regulatory issues that you need to know to practice your dentistry at a high standard. Our courses usually contain a hands-on component so that you walk away with practical skills that you can start using in your clinical work immediately. The practical components are supplemented with all the relevant support required to recruit patients and deliver your newly gained skills.

How Much Hands-on Practice Will I Get?

Our hands-on courses includes roughly 50% hands-on practice and 50% theory. The hands-on component is delivered using pigs heads. You will get the chance to use our specialist periodontal micro-surgery equipment.

How Much Attention Will I Get from the Teachers?

Our perio courses are taught in small groups to allow maximum contact and guidance from the teachers. This allows the group to be interactive and creates an engaging experience rather than a lecture. You will get plenty of opportunities to have one-on-one contact throughout the day with the teachers so that you can ask and address specific issues that concern you.

Who Teaches the Courses?

Our Perio teachers are all specialist periodontists that work in both the University/Dental Hospital setting as well as clinical practice. They are all highly experienced in post graduate training and education. They strive to produce teaching content which is engaging and useful. We guarantee that you won't be bored on our courses. Click here to find out more about our teachers.

Where Will the Course Take Place?

Our courses are delivered at a variety of hand picked venues across the UK. See full list of our courses to find a course near you. 

Will There be Food?

All of our perio courses are fully catered which includes tea/coffee, refreshments and lunch. This is included within your course fee.